Maitri (Part-1)

Online Single Window Platform to avail various services from Govt. of Maharashtra

With a view to bring easiness in doing business – particularly for manufacturing as well as service industries & trade in state – Govt. of Maharashtra has developed online single window platform to avail various G2C (Government to Customer) services belonging to various Government Departments of Maharashtra under the name – Maharashtra Industry, Trade & Investment Facilitation Cell.


Some of the main features of said platform :

  • Unit has to create only once a Customer Application Form (CAF) Profile on said web portal in order to avail various G2C services from various Govt. authorities.
  • This CAF contains KYC of applicant’s business supported by attachments like PAN Card of Unit / Constitution related documents – MoA & AoA or Partnership Deed etc. of Unit / details of unit – address / e-mail ID / Aadhar Number of Director / Partner / Proprietor / Manager (to which valid mobile number is linked for OTP verification) / Mobile No. of Director / Partner / Proprietor / Manager which is linked to Aadhar Numer as stated above to generate OTP / investment details / product (finished goods as well as raw materials) – services details with installed production capacities etc.
  • On online payment of necessary Govt. fees in this regard, profile of your company gets created.
  • Once registered, as of now, you can avail G2C services from following 12 Government of Maharashtra authorities –
  1. Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (for 8 types of services)
  2. Labour Department (for 11 types of services)
  3. Directorate of Industries (for 1 type of services)
  4. Legal Metrology Department (Services under this portal are yet to commence)
  5. Public Works Department (Electrical) (for 1 type of services)
  6. Department of Goods & Services Tax, Maharashtra State (for 1 type of services) (Only for VAT / CST / PTEC / PTRC)
  7. Directorate of Industrial Safety & Health (for 4 types of services)
  8. Energy Department (for 5 types of services)
  9. Directorate of Boilers (for 3 types of services)
  10. Law & Judiciary Department (for 1 types of services)
  11. Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (for 4 types of services)
  12. Urban Development II (for 1 types of services)

Thus, one can avail about 40 different types of services from 12 different Govt. authorities &, moreover, number of those services are bound to grow over a period of time.

Moreover, applicant need not to create separate CAF for availing each different services on this portal. But can apply for availing various above mentioned services with just one user ID & Password.

Benefits :

  • Applicant unit gets knowledge of procedure of each service along with documents / data required for the same at a one stroke & well before making an application.
  • Online generation of an acknowledgement on successful submission of an application.
  • Applicant can track & monitor progress of online application at each stage till completion of the case.
  • Online raising of queries by authorities as well as online resolution of queries by applicant.
  • Lesser chances of human interaction for follow-ups to clear the case leading to ease of doing business
  • Time line has been set up for Govt. authorities either to accept the case or reject the case with proper reasoning in writing. Hence, accountability has been enhanced.
  • Transparent & 24 x 7 available services.


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