Subsidy Policy for manufacturing of Electric Vehicles (EV), its components & charging infrastructure

Government of Maharashtra has launched a special incentives (subsidy) policy for manufacture of electric vehicles, its components, batteries & for providing charging infrastructure.

  • Eligibility :
  1. Units manufacturing :

a) Electric Vehicles (EV) – which includes Industrial forklift trucks, electric carts, electric scooters, electric motorcycles, electric three-wheelers, full size electric cars, trucks, vans, buses, or any other battery operated vehicles.

b) Component for EV – which includes motor controller, electric engine (motor), regenerative braking, drive system, related parts & assemblies.

c) Battery manufacturing for EV – which is also known as traction battery that is used to power the propulsion of battery electric vehicles & it does not include lead-acid batteries.

2. Charging infrastructure – This facility includes :

a) Domestic user facility

– Individual

b) Public charging facility

– Govt. facilities, bus depots, railway stations, fuel stations etc.

c) Common charging facility

– malls, residential buildings, educational institutions etc.

d) Commercial charging facility

– roadside, fuel stations ets.

3. Pioneer units :

It means first two mega project in the state set up for manufacturing of EV, EV Components & batteries.

One Pioneer unit in EV / EV Components & one in battery manufacturing sector shall be considered separately in each category.

Fixed assets eligible for incentives under Policy :

  • Land for unit
  • Factory Building
  • Plant & Machinery
  • Electrification
  • Technical Know-how Fees
  • Preliminary & Pre-operative Exps.
  • Incentives :

a) Incentives to MSME & Large Units – (Linked to PSI-2019 Policy) :

Taluka / Area

Ceiling as % of Fixed Capital Investment

No. of Years

Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises

Large Scale Enterprises Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises

Large Scale Enterprises


40 Nil 7
B 40 Nil 7


50 40 10 7
D 60 40 10



80 40 10 7
All other districts 100 40 10


b) Incentives to Pioneer, Mega & Ultra Mega Units:

As per the prevailing PSI scheme, benefits to be offered under this Scheme to pioneer units or mega or ultra-mega units shall be customized as per the profile of the applicant case.

c) Incentives under this scheme can be obtained along with other scheme benefits as offered under any prevailing Govt. of India schemes.

d) Additional incentives will be offered under the Scheme to units set up in EV manufacturing Cluster.

With this, it is clear that the future demand for EVs (& ultimately for EV components & batteries etc.) are going to increase by leaps & bounds. & with special support from Government to this sector, not only sunny days are ahead for this sector but also, it is contributing in preserving our precious planet from growing pollution.

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To download pdf brochure on Subsidy Policy for manufacturing of Electric Vehicles (EV), its components & charging infrastructure, click here : Electric Vehicle Policy – Features