Garments & Apparel Policy

Garments & Apparel Policy

Gujarat Garment & Apparel Policy -2017

Govemment of Gujarat lndustries & Mines Department Resolution No. TEX1 O2O1ttZOzStCh Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar Dated:1111Ot2017.

1)Gujarat lndustrial policy, 2009<br> 2) lndustries & Mines Department’s GR No. PLM-1 02006-2149-T dated 15.10.2007 <br>3) Resolution No. PLM/1 o2oo4t1o47tT d1td.27 .02.2009 and dated 19.6.2009. <br>4) Resolution No. T$u1 02012t6s117/T Date d: sto9t2o12. <br>5) Resolution No. TD(102012t6s117/T (Revised) Date d:2st06t2013.
1.0 Preamble:
Gujarat is one of the largest gro\,vers of cotton in the country and hence presents
very large scope of developing the whote textile value chain from Farm to Fiber to Fabrics to Fashion to Foreign. State possesses a strong industrial base & pool of
resources to serve entire value chain. Due to an ingrained entrepreneurial spirit, availability of peaceful workforce and locational advantage, once upon a time Ahmedabad harboured a host of Texile Mills and was labeled as Manchester of lndia’ Looking to this potential, the State Government analyzed the existence of all segments in entire value chain and identified gaps in certain segments. tn order to develop all the missing segments from cotton (farm) to FLer to Fabrics to Processing to Garment / Made-Ups and also up to Technical r#r”, -tn”
Govemment had brought out a comprehensive poticy in 2oilz-r g tor five years.

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