Industrial Policy 2016

Industrial Policy 2016

Guiarat Industrial Policy 2015 – Scheme for Incentive to Industries

Government of Guiarat Industries & Mines Department Resolution No.INC-10201 5-645918-I Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar Dated: 25/07 /20L6

Read: Industrial Policy 2015 of Government of Gujarat
Gujarat has always been at the forefront of economic growth in the country. It is
one of the leading industrial states. Government of Gujarat has announced an
ambitious Industrial Poliry 2015, in lanuary 2015, with the objective of creating
a healthy and conducive climate for conducting business and augmenting the
industrial development of the state. The Industrial Poliry has been framed with
the broad idea of enhancing industrial growth that empowers people and
creates employment, and establishes a roadmap for improving the state’s ability
to facilitate business. Gujarat’s development vision will continue to emphasize
on integrated and sustainable development, employment generation,
opportunities for youth, increased production and inclusive growth.
Make in India is a prestigious program of Government of India. The Industrial
Poliry 2015 ofthe Government of Gujarat envisages a focused approach on the
Make in India program as the state’s strategy for achieving growth. Gujarat is a
national leader in 15 of the 25 sectors identified under the Make in India
program, and is also focusing on 6 more sectors. Thus, with a strong base in 21
out of the 25 sectors under Make in India, Gujarat can take strong leadership in
this prestigious program of the Government of India.

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