PSI-2019 Scheme: Brief Information

PSI-2019 Scheme : Brief Information

Package Scheme of Incentives – 2019

Industries, Energy & Labour Department of Government of Maharashtra has declared Package Scheme of Incentives – 2019 (called as PSI-2019) with following broad features :

  1. Barring some industrial activities, subsidy benefits to almost all types of manufacturing activities.
  2. Subsidy benefits to all types of business constitutions (including Public Sector Enterprises)
  3. Subsidy benefit in the form of : a. stamp duty exemption, b. reimbursement of SGST, c. interest paid on term loan, d. power tariff subsidy, e. exemption of electricity duty, f. technology upgradation related subsidy & other many more types of subsidies.
  4. Eligibility of unit related to location of unit : Units located in lesser & lesser industrially developed area, higher will be the subsidy benefits & vice-versa.
  5.  Special focus on development of identified thrust sector industries & additional subsidy package for the same.
  6. Special subsidy package for units eligible under Women Entrepreneurs Policy.

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